Fic: Half Forgotten (Dissidia)

This was written ages ago as a Secret Santa gift for valentineninja over at ffchaoticcosmos, and somehow I neglected to cross post it here for ages. Which I guess is kind of fitting, given the title. Better late than never!

Title: Half Forgotten
Rating: PG
Summary: The twelth cycle rages on as Tifa struggles to remember something- anything- about the strange soldier that saved her.

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Fic: A Path More Interesting (Kingdom Hearts)

This was my Secret Santa drabble over at kh_drabble for 060seconds_left, who requested something with Luxord and Xigbar. It's mostly Luxord, but Xigbar does creep in there too, very sneakily.

Also massive thanks to seren_bach for the extremely last minute beta!

Title: A Path More Interesting
Rating: PG-13, because of references to Luxord's dodgy past.
Summary: Luxord reflects on what brought him to the here and now.

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